I’ve Completed My Studies, Now What?

Hello reader.

Two weeks ago I have completed all my classes and exams from my Undergraduate stage of studying. I have been granted a certificate to certify that I am a Psychologist now. I was very thrilled, I did not believe it until then. The 14th of June 2017. I have been wanting to  blog about it but my laptop can’t open anything on the internet. So today I thought, no matter how hard it is, I enjoy blogging, so I will write my post from my phone. So here I am.


Now, how do I feel? Obviously I’m over the moon. But what’s next? I have no idea. You see, since I was young I have learnt that you cannot always get what you want. So I am pretty much alright with whatever come my way.

After spending 4 years studying Psychology in Turkish language, I really wanted to switch and go to a school where I will advance what I learned in a language that I actually understand.

So I applied to many schools for a master’s in Psychology. Particularly MRes Psychology because I really am interested in doing research. That is the way I learn best. Since all the schools I applied for required an IELTS or TOEFL test, I could not get a reply at most. I did got accepted to two schools in Scotland. I was very happy but I have no idea why they had to be so expensive. So, I guess I will just have to go and learn another language at some other country because Europe has very affordable schools. Anyway, it’s all learning isn’t it. Look me at now, I’m considered a polyglot because I got to learn language. I’m very grateful though. This opportunity to study in Turkey did give me a lot of experience. I would have totally be a different person if I never came here. I will definitely come back to Turkey some day. It had been great.


So, as I have said earlier , I can’t always get what I want. If I do not get to study a Master’s degree, I still have a lot of doors. All comes in good time and I do not have to worry. I just hope for good luck for myself.

Thank you for reading

see you in my next posts



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